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Cars and Trucks from the 50s Art Prints

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Bruce Kaiser Main Street Inn, garden, 1957 Caddy, 57 Ford, Chrysler, Lincoln Bruce Kaiser Auto Paintings, General Store, Ford Model A hot rod, Duesenburg, bicycle, Ford Truck 50 Merc Custo, pinstriper, pinstriping, 1958 Chevy Impala Custom, scallop paint job, Watson RT66 Street, Packard, Bruce Kaiser hot Rod Car Art, General Store, 55 Chevy Pickup Truck, 1953 Chevy Bel-Air Sport Coupe, Custom, Small Town, Gas Station 1953 Cadilac, Chevy Panel truck, 49 Ford, 49 Oldsmobile, trolley car diner, 50s Diner

Bruce Kaiser has always been fascinated with the over the top styling and colors of fifties American cars. His favorite 50s designs were the early Cadillac convertibles, 1949-50 Fords and Olds, the 1956-57 Oldsmobile J2 hardtops and 1957-58 Plymouth Fury. Building design and neon signs also play a big part in his car paintings.