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How limited edition art prints are printed

Most of Bruce's car paintings are reproduced as limited edition prints using the traditional four color offset lithograpy printing process. Lithography, originally developed in 1796 in Germany, used a process where a flat stone transferred ink to paper. This is the process now used to print almost all printed material. The original image is photographed, scanned, converted to a digital file and color corrected. The digital file is used to photo etch four printing plates, one for each of the four color process inks: cyan, yellow, magenta and black. The plates are mounted on large drums in the printing press. The revolving drums pick up the ink and transfer it to rubber drums which transfers the ink to the paper stock one color at a time. A limited edition art print differs from a large book or magazine run is in the quality of the stock and care taken to reproduce the original painting's colors as accurately as possible. Bruce's automotive art prints are printed on premium dull coated cover stock that resists discoloring and fading. Special inks are also used for color brilliance and resistance to fading from exposure to sunlight. The quality of the printing press, the accuracy of the plates and the skill of the pressman are all very important to the quality of the finished print. The artist is usually on hand to approve the initial press proofs, ask for color correction as needed and then watch as individual sheets are pulled during the press run. Usually a limited edition press run is 500-1000 prints compared to a magazine printing where thousands of sheets are run per minute. It's not unusual to discard hundreds of prints during press set up. Once the artist is satisfied with the color adjustments, he may select a small quantity to keep or sell as"artist's proofs". Many collectors ask for artist's proofs because they are usually of a much smaller edition of 50 or less. Once the press run is complete, the plates are destroyed so that the print can't be rerun. When they're sold out, they're gone forever. Each print is then individually numbered and signed by the artist. It is important to remember, that even though the best stock and inks are used, it is recommended to use UV resistant glass or Plexiglas and acid free framing materials when framing your print and to keep your print out of direct sunlight and in a dry place. Many of Bruce's prints have hung in his sunny office for 15 years or more and show no signs of fading with proper care.

Giclée Prints

Giclee (pronounced "zhee-clay") printing is a new technology that makes it possible to print much smaller editions because there are no costly offset plates and large press. It is essentially a very high-end digital ink jet process customized for reproducing large fine art on watercolor paper, canvas or high quality satin finish stock with special inks. When printed on canvas and stretched, it can look just like the original painting. Bruce uses a matt-finish fine grain stock because that is most like the original painting surface. Special, color fast inks are used that resist fade and color shift for at least 75(!) years. These prints are not kept in stock and printed to order, hence the higher cost.

Framing and Shipping

Custom framing is not offered because shipping becomes prohibitive and there is always the risk of damage. It is much easier for the customer to find a quality framing shop locally and frame the print to match their home decor. Your art print is signed and numbered, carefully rolled, sealed in a protective plastic sleeve and shipped in a UPS rated 3/16" heavy duty tube. They are fully insured and usually shipped US Priority Mail or UPS Ground. Shipping is a flat rate of $15.00 in the continental United States. Please call about international orders.